5. One Hole Golf (v1.0)

I’ve got to say, the tutorial really inspired me to get to work.

I had put it off for a week because I wanted enough time to really sit down and give myself some quality time to learn Construct, but now that I’ve done that I find myself coming back and putting in bits of time all over the place.

And, sure enough, I’ve no got a game out of it. My first game: One Hole Golf. You can play it now.

What I’m already finding is that building games in this visual editor is like solving a fun and immediately rewarding puzzle. For instance:

  • I put in the boundary sprites and the ball sprite, and turn physics on. I preview it, and the ball immediately drops. I forgot to set gravity to 0.
  • I set up the hole sprite and the ball passes right…under it. I forgot to set the appropriate Z value.
  • I add a title screen, but nothing works on it. I forgot to link it to the events sheet.

And a million more little indignities that I learned from. Still, there were plenty of things that I figured out quickly on my own:

  • Making the arrow appear and disappear along with the ball
  • Making a clean “HOLE!” result, both in terms of the text and the actual events
  • An overall solid aesthetic, completely made from scratch
  • If your mouse is over the RESET button, the golf ball won’t be hit
  • Making certain events happen only when the ball velocity is “0”

Certainly, there were some major hurdles. I had to watch a really lovely YouTube video series to figure out how to make the ball spin along with my mouse cursor. The expression angle(Ball.x,Ball.y,Mouse.X,Mouse.Y) is not one I would have come up with on my own; again, a strength of Construct to have so many tutorials out there.

Similarly, the physics are…still a bit wonky. I need to figure out the nuances of this program and retune some of the friction/elasticity and linear/angular damping numbers to clean it up. It took a lot of fiddling just to get where it is now.

All told, though, I’m really glad that I started with such a simple game. The Event Sheet in Construct has a mere 27 unique events, and there are only 15 total objects in the game. It still took me a good four hours to make it like I wanted, but I’m happy with the beginner result because I learned a lot about the language of Construct along the way.

But this is very much a starting point on which to build a larger, more functional golf game.

I think that I’m going to use what I learned here to really expand instead of just iterating on this one hole. So, here are some things I want to add or address in the next game – maybe you picked up on a few of these as you played through:

  • Fix ball physics
  • Fix the boundary sprites
  • Add power to shot and arrow
  • Add total score & applicable end screen
  • Add multiple holes
  • Have the ball skip over the hole if it’s going too fast
  • Make it “juicier”
  • Add in more obstacle types (e.g. sand or water)
  • Increase overall size
  • Add sound/music
  • Add a fun “hole in one” animation
  • Add full mobile support
  • Add HUD
  • Add customizable ball color?

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