1. Why Am I Doing This?

To start, I think, I want to address the “why”. Why am I doing this?

The answer goes back a number of years, when I was in my final stretch of college. I decided that for an entire year, I’d watch a documentary every single Sunday, invite friends to join me, write down my thoughts, and reflect after it was all done. I did it, and I’m super glad that I did.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Since then, I’ve made a habit that I’m proud of – each year, I do my level best to come up with a new year’s resolution where I learn or do something. Sometimes it works (in 2015, I wrote a sci-fi story of 100 words or more every single day and posted them on tumblr) and sometimes it doesn’t (this year I was supposed to learn how to make a bunch of different types of bread).

A few years ago I also decided to write a novel, partially because I wanted to get a better sense of what it looks and feels like to write a book so that – hopefully – I would better appreciate and understand what I read thereafter. I’m happy to report that as a success.

And so here we are, in 2020 – I’ve been playing a lot of video games in my tiny Brooklyn apartment, cooped up during a global pandemic. And I’ve gotten not just more curious about what goes into making games, but also fascinated by the skill set it takes to be a solo game dev. You need:

  • Artistic skills (graphics)
  • Artistic skills (music)
  • Writing skills
  • Coding skills
  • Organizational skills

That, to me, sounds like a lovely challenge. Writing and organization I’m somewhat familiar with, but the rest are almost entirely foreign.

So the core answer to “why” is this: I want to challenge myself and build a new, broader skillset, as well as develop a better appreciation for the games I play.

Now we just have to see how long it takes me to get there.

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