Final Fantasy Randomizer
Sprite Compendium

By groggydog & The Magitek Factory

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 Full ROM Hacks

These full hacks will change a number of things about your FF1 NES ROM, and may not be compatible with the FFR "Tournament Safe" flag.

Super Mario Fantasy Adventure

By Fantendo and acmlm

Valkyries of Light

By Taralyn Darkchylde and Mistress Saeko

 Sprite Packages

To use these sprites, download the FF Hackster utility and edit either the Mapman or Battle sprites under "Class Editor". You can crop the image to just the battle/mapman sprite you want, then click "Bitamp" in FF Hackster in the upper-left corner to import your image. For a visual example, follow this guide by SpaceDrake.

Keep a back-up of your ROM just in case!

Alternately, check out DarkmoonEX's video guide for more information about using FF Hackster and dealing with FF1's limited palettes.

Backwards Walking Mapmen

By caleb and groggydog

Black Mage Santa

By zioyocon

Black Mage Santa Saves Christmas

By Ken Brightblade

Castlevania 3/SotN (2 palette)

By DarkmoonEX

Castlevania 3/SotN (3 palette)

By DarkmoonEX

Dragon Quest 2

By Ken Brightblade

Edgelords of Light

By Ken Brightblade and Miss Omi

FF1 Duckling Sprites

By Ken Brightblade

FF2 Battle Sprites

Compiled by groggydog

FF3 Battle & Mapman Sprites

Compiled by groggydog

FF4 Anna

By SpaceDrake

FF4 Porom

By SpaceDrake

FF4 Rydia

By SpaceDrake

FF7 Vincent Valentine

By Doctor Rosalia

FF14 Inspired Sprites

By Jandroan

Four Fairy Fiesta

By SpaceDrake

Ladies of Light

By Ken Brightblade

Monsters of Light

By Ken Brightblade

Moogles of Light

By groggydog

Uematsu's Concept Design Warrior of Light Fighter

By MysticLugia

UrielManX7's Assorted Sprites (50 Total)

By UrielManX7

Four categories: Breath of Fire, Chrono Trigger, FFVI, and Misc.

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If you're interested in making your own sprites, consider using the template provided by DarkmoonEX:

And remember to use the NES Color Palette, provided by Ken Brightblade: